Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience At The IVC Hearings

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A time that I can recall where someone was displaying abnormal behavior was when I went to an involuntary commitment hearing for my internship. Every Thursday last semester I was asked to represent my work based learning site at the IVC hearings and report back to the site what happened at these hearings. I absolutely loved going to these hearings, it really gave me some insight into these people’s personal lives and their reasons why they were committed. One lady in particular stands out to me, without giving any real info about this person, I’ll tell a little bit about her thoughts and behaviors. The lady thought that the whole city was out for her sweet blood and everyone wanted to bite her like a vampire. She thought that her mother was Marilyn Monroe and her father was Barack Obama. She also thought that she had two children, one by Michael Jordan and the other by Kobe Bryant. These beliefs were real in her mind, but to everyone else, it was sad because we knew it was just delusions from her mental illness and a result of her not taking her medications.…show more content…
This particular lady most likely had an abnormality in her brain or her brain chemistry. Several dysfunctional genes, possibly a mutation, are combined which cause her abnormal actions and reactions to her life situations (Comer, 2016). She also could have had a viral infection that caused abnormal brain structure. I have also read at work that there was a study done on people who had mental health issues like schizophrenia. Hundreds of the study participants were born in the winter when it is cold and exposure to viruses are higher, so this is also certainly a possibility of what the problem could
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