Personal Narrative : My Personal Goals In My Life

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The grey fog comes in, there is mist in the air, the cold wind increases my alertness and the uneasiness of everyone causes silence for a brief moment until the high pitched blow of a whistle starts it all. This sounds like a setting for a suspenseful corny movie but, really it’s just a typical game day here at San Francisco State University.
Unlike all other game days, this one is very special. We take on UC San Diego in hopes of securing a playoff spot. My emotions have been running all over the place, and no it’s not because I am a young adult trying to get through college. I have been playing soccer for 15 years already so it is safe to say that soccer is my life. All I do is constantly train to get better and improve as much as I can and today is my chance to showcase my talent at the highest level I’ve played at so far. It’s my second year at SFSU and my second year playing soccer here and with 20 games already recorded for me at the school, I should be coming into the game with a cool head but I am far from it.
Chills run down my spine as I put on my cleats to complete my uniform. During our warm ups I try and clear my mind and enjoy the music, but I can’t even accomplish doing that. 30 minutes go by like it is nothing and I already hear the referee calling for the captains to do the coin toss right before the game is about to begin.
“Huddle up boys! Are you guys ready today! GGGRRRRRRRR! This is the swamp baby! We don’t lose here! No sir we do not lose here at
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