Personal Narrative: My Personal Racial Or Gender Identity

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This week’s writing assignment has proven to be incredibly difficult for me as I have never examined my own personal racial or gender identity from personal perspective. I grew up in India with a cultural paradox where despite worshipping Goddesses in temples, I also witnessed women being penalized in my culture. When my family emigrated to the United States, I discovered that were now new rules for being a woman as I had rather become a brown woman. It was precisely the uncertainty of those experiences which led me to pursue Sociology and WGS to understand why do systems of inequalities exist in the first place. However, my focus has always been at macro-level to examine the role of institutions. As a result, I have never called into question how do I personally navigate within these systems or how do I negotiate my identity as a brown woman.…show more content…
The frustrating part of it all is the expectations of how such discussions are to be carried out, “If there is any emotion in the feedback, the feedback is invalid and does not have to be considered” (DiAngelo 2016:250). This expectation of being detached from emotions is hard to achieve when your experience which is essentially your own lived reality is constantly being negated. However, as a woman, it is even much harder to discuss gendered experiences which emerge from my ethnic identity. This was noted by Dotson (2011) when she provided example of Uma Narayan. As the cultural values and ideals differ, many times discussion on unique gendered experiences cannot take place within the U.S. context. It is precisely due to this lack of understanding, there have been many instances where I had to stop myself from expressing my own experiences to avoid the “risk of reinforcing negative perceptions of third-world women’s oppression”
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