Personal Narrative : My Pet Turtle

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I chose to observe my pet turtle, Ted, who I caught in the creek last summer. I did learn one thing from observing him. He does not do much of anything at all. While observing him I focused on four things about him. Those four things are the five senses how he tasted. No way am I going to taste my turtle. I began with the observing the appearance of Ted. He is about the size of a hockey puck, and is round like one. His main color is green like the color of a forest green colored pencil. Its almost like the green of extremely deep water. He also has lighter yellow green color on him. This green reminds me of a neon green sign. It is very bright. These two greens make a pattern all over his body. The pattern reminds me of a zebra or tiger the way it goes across his shell, and on his feet and tail. My favorite part of Ted is his head. His head is dark green like the green on his body, but it doesn’t have a pattern like on his shell. He has black beady eyes, and little holes for his ears. Behind both ears he has bright red spots about the size of the end that you push on a pen to make the ink end come out. The red is like the red on a coke can. . He has a hook on the end of his mouth to help him catch things to eat, and it makes him look like he has an overbite. The only other part of his body you can see is his feet and tale, because the rest is covered by his shell. His feet are dark and light green striped similar to his shell, but he has claws like on a lizard. His tale is

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