Personal Narrative: My Plans After High School

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Four years of high school is a long time. It is the beginning of a student's future. A student can blow off their high school years or take advantage of them. A student that blows them off could potentially deprive themselves of the necessities to be successful in college and later, the real world. A student that takes advantage of their high school years can begin building on their foundation for the future. Did I accomplish everything I wanted to do in high school? What are my plans after high school? I accomplished everything I wanted to do in high school and I have a plan for my future. I had many goals going into high school and many more were created along the way. I was an A and B student all throughout elementary school and junior high. I wanted to keep my streak alive. I have not made anything below a B in high school. When I received my class rank after the first semester freshman year I told myself that it was the highest my rank will ever be. All my rank has done is go down. I didn't want to put a specific rank as a goal because I knew that there were more factors that played into class rank than just my grades. It depends a lot on my class mates. If their grades go down and mine stay the same, my class rank goes up. However, in my mind I did not improve. I also wanted my average after freshman year to be the highest that it would ever be. I have improved my average a little each year. It has not been a dramatic change, but it has improved. The…show more content…
I am going to play college golf. I am waiting on all offers to come in before I make a decision. I am going to major in Finance and then go on to earn a master's degree. After college, I plan to work for Stephens Inc. I believe that it will be a great fit. I have quite a few goals for my amateur golf career as well. While I wish I could stay young forever, I am looking forward to the next chapters in my
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