Personal Narrative: My Relationship With The United States

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I never cared for the United States and now they feel entitled to embark on my country. I do not appreciate their intervention and overbearingness from the United States. I felt like John F. Kennedy disliked me or felt that I was incapable of being a leader. There was not anything notable about my family, but I quickly found my interest, social activism. After getting into social activism, I eventually became a rebel. In 1953, I was part of a group of rebels who raided Moncada Barracks, which are inhabited by the Cuban army. I was captured, but while I was sitting in a jail cell for two years, I had become a national hero in Cuba. My group of eighty rebels, including me, traveled to Cuba, with the end goal being overtaking Batista and making it to the city of Havana. We succeeded, and I even gained patronage from the United States. I dethroned an ostracized leader in Cuba, and I was happily accepting the praise from Cuba and the United States (13-14).…show more content…
To add to issue, the world was still dealing with the Cold War. Kennedy accused me of being a communist, but I held my ground and remained ambiguous with my responses to his accusations. I was not with the United States, but my complete dislike came when Kennedy imposed an embargo on sugar in Cuba. A large percentage of our country’s revenue was fed by the Cuban sugar industry (16). If the embargo was not enough for Kennedy, he and his advisees constructed two plans to overthrow me. One was named the Bay of Pigs and the other was called Operation Mongoose. Bay of Pigs was not successful for the Americans, and Operation Mongoose…..
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