Personal Narrative: My Relationships

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From the above vignette, it shows that the alliance between Amy and myself is one where we were building trust and developing a relationship. During our initial visit, Amy discussed her academic achievement the previous year, but, she was reluctant to discuss issues surrounding her home life that is now affecting her academics. At the beginning of this session, I realized that building an alliance with Amy will take time to develop trust.
Reflecting on my interaction with Amy, I believe I did a good job building our alliance. Although I was able to interpret that something was happening to Amy at home, I didn’t probe her when she reported that she didn’t want to talk about it. The reason being is I wanted Amy to feel comfortable with me and be able to open up and share stuff with me at her own pace or when she is ready to do so. In this process recording, Amy was able to open up with me about her academic goal and what is impacting her goal. During this interaction, I noticed Amy’s body relaxed and became less hesitant when speaking about her goals. Amy’s reaction indicated to me that I should follow her lead and not my own. …show more content…

Establishing this alliance with Amy she was able to disclose her abused to me when she felt comfortable and safe to do so. From working with Amy I was able to see how important alliance between a therapist and client is. It allows you to work effectively together while building a therapeutic bond. According to John Nocross “the alliance is centrally the achievement of collaborative stance in therapy and was built on three components: agreements on the therapeutic goals, consensus on the tasks that make up therapy, and a bond between the client and the therapist (Norcross, 2011,

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