Personal Narrative: My Report Cards

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From First to Eighth Grade, my report card was perfect; there was an A next to every subject, numerous plus signs to signify my strengths, and the comments section praised my work ethic and in-class behavior. My mom, family, and my friends’ parents showered me with compliments as they pondered of the great feats I could accomplish in high school in addition to my usually flawless semester grades. They believed I was the prime child with my intellect and behavior, and, with that in mind, I felt unstoppable as I casually strolled into my freshman year of high school, oblivious of what is to come. After the first week, I was confident that I would be at the top of my class by the end of the year, but I, along with my friends and family, was proven wrong by the end of my first semester. I earned a B in my Honors English class, instead of the usual A, which was both a shock to myself and my mother. Receiving a sub-par grade was, to myself and my mom, unacceptable, especially knowing that I was only 1% shy of the A that I have seen on every report card thus far. It was in that moment when I failed for the first time in my academic life as I considered my high school career finished.…show more content…
Sleepless nights and grief followed as I mourned the death of my perfect report card. However, that was not the worst part; my mother constantly questioned both me and my ability to do well in my high school years to come. Suffering the condemnation of my mother was what hurt me the most, especially knowing that I could not compose an answer for anything she asked me. Fortunately for me, the feeling of failure only lasted for two weeks as I began to comprehend what I needed to do in order to move forward through my next three years in high
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