Personal Narrative: My Role On Edgemont

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Yes, I had a recurring role on Edgemont. I played the brother of one of the main characters. That was a Canadian show, and that went on for years. I have some good friends I hang out with to this day from that show. Kristin Kreuk and Dominic Zamprogna are two I'm still close with. I just had lunch with Dom in LA not too long ago. The show was kind of like a soap opera, but with a younger, high school cast. That was a lot of fun because there were a lot of local Vancouver actors. It was a huge cast. A lot of actors have gone from that show to go on and do other stuff. Another friend I met there--one of my best friends--John Reardon. He lives close to me in LA now. Grace Park was on that show; you might know her from Hawaii Five-O now. It was a great place to meet young actors in the business, and it was kind of a training ground for them. You said it was a Canadian show which is probably why I haven't seen it. I think I've heard of it because it's popped…show more content…
Most people connected with Hallmark do love animals. They are a pet-friendly network. That's true. There's quite a few pet movies. But I like how they tie them to causes like the Humane Society and other charities like that. Hallmark is one busy network. I started doing the Hallmark thing back when it wasn't cool, and now they've grown so much. I noticed that. I knew about how I was getting all sort of auditions and work with them, but when I recently saw the Up Fronts and how that was going for them, it was great for them. They didn't have to sell anything. The data is there, and they're going up and up. Jeremy Guilbaut, Leah Gibson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss You were also in The Christmas Note. Yes, Terry Ingram was the director on that one, too. They called me up because they needed somebody to take over this role. It was one day of work, and it was fun. That's just usual when I'm working with Hallmark and

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