Personal Narrative: My Second Wish For America

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I was driving to the next army base, on the beige, rocky road all of a sudden I heard a ginormous explosion then everything went black. When I woke up something felt different, I looked down and my right leg was completely cut off. This is the tragedy that a lot of our veterans had to go through over discrepancies between countries or areas.

The first thing I want for America is no fighting or no disagreements. I know that this is really hard or practically impossible, but at least I would want the fighting to diminish to a smaller level. I am not only talking about the country to country wars or the state to state wars, I am talking about the little disputes that happen on the streets or around the neighborhood. If that happens the
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Right now the United States is about 19 trillion dollars in debt! I get worried when I’m five dollars in debt, but 19 trillion is a ridiculous amount. If we didn’t have these money problems, some of the fighting would probably go down too. Also another benefit of not being in debt is, the tax rates and prices will go down because the government doesn’t need as much money. When the prices go down, more people will be able to buy the essentials then less people will die. To wrap it up, if we had a better economy, it could save a lot of lives.

Finally I want America to have common sense. I know that a lot of American citizens have this, but not enough. I don’t want stupid things going on, for example, the creepy clown sightings that have been reported. The people who are dressed up should probably know that they can get in big trouble or killed. Also there are other stupid things that are not as famous, but are still taking lives. If people in America had common sense, our thriving population would be much bigger.

In conclusion, I want America to have less conflict or fighting, I want a stronger economy, and finally I want the citizens of America to have a better common sense. If we do those things we could have more people alive in this country, and who doesn’t like being
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