Personal Narrative: My Seizures

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I sat there in my room with tears flowing down my blush pink cheeks. Wondering what was wrong with me, as a salty tear ran along my dried out chapped lips. I thought to myself,” Why am I so miserable? What did I do to deserve this? How am I going to escape this life?” I started to ponder that this was the end of my life, this is how I was going to be, sorrowful. At the lowest point of my life, mother came barging through the door with the look of cavernous concern on her face. She knew that it was time for something to be done, whether I agreed or not. I walked outside the next morning feeling great. The bright vibrant sun shone on the freshly mowed grass. I loaded into my sister's car and we went off to school. The day passed extremely rapid,…show more content…
All I could think about were those two words, “Clinically depressed.” How could this be happening to me. There is a chemical missing in my brain, how does that work? The next doctors appointment had finally arrived, and the office had the same nose burning stench of pine-sol and clorox. My mother and I were called back to a different office this time. This office looked like it was an elite painting that was hung on one of the wall of the Titanic. The tall broad shouldered women recapped on everything that was discovered that week before. “Now,” she said, “ I recommend prescribing a non-addictive drug to treat her clinical depression.” Those two words still made me feel like a 10 pound bowling ball was just dropped into my stomach. Clinically depressed, clinical depression, they didn’t make sense to me. We went on talking about what the medicine does and how it works. Toward the end of the appointment I myself came to a decision. Being the stubborn mule I am I did not want to take, what I call, happy pills. I also did not want to continue these therapy appointments. I felt and still feel like I do not need the gruesome appointments with a lady that is going to tell me everything that needs, fixed, with me. The doctor said that she hoped I reconsidered, but still to these very second ticking days, I don't plan on going back or taking any inessential
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