Personal Narrative : My Sister, Kampbell

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Back in 2012 my sister, Kampbell, decided that she had an interest in gymnastics. My parents, being the loving people they are to her, let her join Kids In Motion, a gymnastics facility in Washington, Missouri. She had a lot of fun with it and has actually got really good. She goes to practice three times a week and has had multiple competitions all around Missouri and I go to most of them. Gymnastics is not the only sport that she plays, she plays volleyball, gymnastics, and she also wants to join cheer when she gets to high school. Currently, she goes to St. George Catholic School and is in eighth grade. Over last summer the national gymnastic competition was in Kingsport, Tennessee, which is the closest to us that it has been in a long…show more content…
Each week we were getting more and more anxious to go. All of a sudden it was time to pack because it was the day before. That morning, I went to weights, when I came back and showered, we were in the car and we left. Before we got out of town we had to stop at BP, in Hermann, and get something to drink. After a while on Interstate 70, we decided to stop and get something to eat at Chick-fil-A in Warrenton, MO. Once we hit the road again, we didn’t see much, but I will never forget when we crossed the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, over the Mississippi River, into Illinois because it was the first time we have ever driven a car over the Mississippi River. About the time when we got to Mt Vernon, Illinois, I asked my mom if we could go to the Louisville Bats game, they are the AAA team for the Cincinnati Reds, they were playing the Columbus Clippers, AAA team of the Cleveland Indians. It started at seven, and it would be something to do because I really wanted to do something. After a little convincing, she said yes, so I started looking for tickets, they were only thirteen dollars! When we bought them, we must have been in a bad cellular signal zone because something happened and it didn’t work, we did not know until we got there. When we got there we went to the box office, got three tickets, then we got some food and sat down in our seats, about thirteen rows back from home plate. The stadium was beautiful, they had a

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