Personal Narrative: My Slender Man Scene

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This is my Slender Man scene. One night, three years ago. I was awake when everybody was asleep. This tragic moment happened in Moreno Valley, California. Boy was I in for a surprise. "Good night Mom and dad" I said as I was about to go to bed. I have been watching television since twelve o clock. My brothers had fallen asleep. " Man I'm super hipper, I can't fall asleep" I said to myself. I got out of my bed and looked out of my slide door to see the stars. I went back to my bed after when all of a sudden I hear tapping noises. "Tap tap tap tap". "Woah what was that"? "Its probably just the rain or wind". I went to my kitchen to get a snack when again I hear "tap tap". "Ok somethings up". As I peaked outside my slide door, I saw a huge
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