Personal Narrative : My Soul, Josh Fleisher

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My SOUL, Josh Fleisher, that i had last year did a nice job with me being an incoming student. I would like to be able to have the same opportunity as he did and make the transition from high school to college go much smoother than it would be at other schools. Im hoping to gain friendships with some of the incoming freshman, but also hope to gain work ethic and break out of my shell. I was quiet in high school and would like to branch out and help others that are transitioning and make it much easier on them. Also to meet other souls that may be connections and close friends that ill have for the rest of my life is truly remarkable to me. Im hoping to gain experience among working with others regarding performing scenes for the incoming students or just being able to talk with the incoming families about what Miami is like and how incredible it can be, purely on how you make it. In the summer of 2015, i worked at Evans Landscaping, a company based in Cincinnati. I had worked there for three years at this point and this was the first time that i was given my first company truck and workers. I was thrilled to be given a leadership position after the time i had spent working there. I was given a job that required removing a brick patio from a family 's backyard. The problem was all of the water pipes that were laid out underneath the patio. If i broke a water pipe, or one of my workers, that would mean the company would have to pay for it and i most likely would be taken off

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