Personal Narrative: My Strengths Of Me

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Coming to college, I have discovered many strengths and weaknesses about myself that I didn’t know existed. Adjusting to living in a dorm is tricky, especially living with someone I barely know. When I really thought about it, the strengths and weaknesses about my personality never occurred. After taking a quiz on the Strengthsquest website, my results on the themes given to me were shocking yet obvious. The five dominant themes of strength and/or talents I was given listed as: empathy, developer, activator, individualization, and relator.
First let me explain empathy. “You can sense the emotions of those around you.” That right there is 100 percent true. If anyone knows me, they would say that I am empathetic. I’m the type of person that can feel when someone is sad. I can feel when someone has a problem or is mad at me. Even if someone doesn’t show it I can tell when they really are passionate about something. I can understand people by putting myself in their place. “This instinctive ability to understand is powerful.” An
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It’s called a developer. Every individual is a work in progress and I motivate them so they do well in what they want to achieve. “Over time many will seek you out for help and encouragement because on some level they know that your helpfulness is both genuine and fulfilling to you.” My major is psychology and in ways this strength is helpful to have. People come to me for advice or help because they believe that I genuinely want to. “You look for ways to challenge them.” My friend here at SDSU is in a writing class for students that need extra help or as she put it “the dumb class.” She hated it and so I challenged her and said, “Why don’t you try and test out of it?” After that she scheduled an appointment to test out of the class. She called me over when she was done and told me she passed. I motivate others for a reason because seeing their face when they succeed is
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