Personal Narrative: My Surface Culture

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My bucket filled with images represents my surface and deep culture unique to me. I found out where I got my passions and which people influenced my culture, and what I need to do to continue to keep my culture and faith to be something I’m proud of.

The way i live my life, is influenced heavily by my surface culture. To represent my surface culture on a physical object, I took a step back and thought how do others see me. A huge part of this comes from the effect other people have on my life. In my surface culture representation there is a picture of Jesus Christ representative of my christian faith. I inherit my deep down morals, behaviours and beliefs and similarly my faith from my parents. Next, I have a graduation photo of me
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To begin I have a few quotes and mottos that I believe represent my approach to school and football. The phrases are “work hard in silence, let success be your noise”, “Think Training's Hard? Try Losing”. And W.W.J.D. these phrases represent my traits when it comes to working hard, being humble and trying my best to make good decisions and follow Jesus as the ultimate role model. My deep culture also features a picture of the subway bowl, the BC high school football championship. I train and work in football to make it once again to the subway bowl, a game my team lost in last year. I am proud to have made it that far, but strive to win the subway bowl in my final year of high school football. Next, is a picture of a messy room, similar to mine. A part of my personality is being messy at times and it's something that doesn’t bother me all that much. I am writing this essay currently with my cat Felix beside me, a companion to me for the past 16 years. My cat can calm me down when I’m mad and cheer me up when I’m sad and our relationship is important to me. Lastly, I have a picture which represents relaxation and meditation, as well as a man watching football. With the choice to do anything, on the weekend, I’ll often choose to just watch football or one of my many favourite TV shows, over going out and staying out
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