Personal Narrative: My Time At Green River College

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It has been good for me to write about my experience. Just one year ago, my life was completely different from now. From the beginning of my time at Green River College, I have met with many setbacks, endured sufferings causing me to feel helpless or even want to give up. However, one quality of me made me have confidence again which was persistence. I remember the last night before I left my country, my dad was hospitalized with cholecystitis. I asked my mom to take me to the hospital, but she rejected. She told me tomorrow was really important to me and the opportunity to study abroad was hard-earned. She said achieving good grades will be a gift especially to my dad. Due to the emergency, I had to go to the airport and check in by myself. It was raining on my way to the airport. Fear and nervousness crept into my mind because that was my…show more content…
When I heard the news, I felt like I was suffocating and I could hear my heart beat quickly. I just stayed in dorm, dumbfounded. After a few hours, I woke up and realized that sitting here couldn’t help. I had to solve this problem. I decided to move out and live with other students to reduce the cost. I could not find a roommate at first. However, I did not give up looking for roommates. Just two days before I planned to use my living expenses to pay tuition for school, one friend said she would live with me. I finally succeeded! From my experience, fortunately, my unswerving efforts made me more confident to span barriers and figure out all possible solutions rather than afraid of them. What I learned is that persistence do help me to overcome difficulties. It is also good for me to adapt to new environment in UC schools if I am accepted. I believe all things I’ve been through will make me stronger in the
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