Personal Narrative: My Time At Washington Elementary School

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Throughout life, at any age and any occupation, one comes across a golden boy who seemingly coasts through life accumulating accolade after accolade while you work yourself into the ground to merely reach that level. During my time at Washington Elementary School, I was this golden boy, the student who was revered academically and boasted an elite behavioral record. However, with this comes a certain level of comfort and complacency that, because you are perceived as superior, makes extra effort seem redundant and and unnecessary to sustain success, and with every test that I aced with ease, my drive and competitive edge became duller and duller. Realistically how could a child have been motivated to put in effort to further improve if success seemed to be effortless?
It was not until I moved to Wayne Hills that I realized being able to memorize dates for a sixth grade history test, proficiently, did not translate to lifelong success. With a greater concentration of students came more intellectuals
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Throughout honors or enriched classes, achieving the level I was aspiring to required more than completing the minimum that was asked of me. For example, in my math and physics classes, I was not satisfied with just accepting certain laws, formulas and principles work the way they do; I made sure I understood why. Without achieving this understanding, as the class built upon previous lessons, falling behind would become very simple and when I reached college or began working, applying a list of formulas to the real world would be extremely difficult. In my english classes, I had to look past simply what the plot or the characters were outwardly saying and analyze the meaning of the events. Eventually this extra effort was repaid through my grades in each class and overall
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