Personal Narrative: My Trip To Guerrero Mexico

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December the 22nd, 2013; my uncles and I went to Guerrero Mexico with the purpose of visiting our family, and be with them during the winter festivities. The first day I remember after we land in Acapulco I felt happy and the same time anxious. After we went outside of the airport the heavy and humid air received me as I was used to as a child. My uncles and I were really fervent until we observed the devastation left by the tropical storms Manuel in our way to Arenal de Gomez. I felt lighthearted watching the palm tree growing coconuts in the endless groves at the side of the road. Then I recalled memories from my childhood drinking fresh coconut water. Furthermore, the closer we were from my grandparents’ home the anxious I became. Finally we arrive and the reception they prepared was very humble, but meaningful. Even more, I was glad to see my mother after fourteen mounts living with my uncles in the United Estates.…show more content…
Helping them shoveling the mud; I felt the union building up while working, In fact we filled a wheelbarrow eight times. After in the evening, my friends came to my house and they were excited to see me. Before I was known for being one of the best Hip-Hop dancers in the region, however, my close friends also knew me as an amateur computer programmer. I was the guy who taught them how to dance popping to dubstep, update their phone using custom roms, and video editing with Sony Vegas. They made remember those times and I realize how passionate I was. Christmas came along and the festivities at the public square at evening included pre-Hispanic folk dance and the traditional burn of the pyrotechnic bull, a piñata resembling a bull load with artisan fireworks carried by a very brave man due to the danger. A tradition which evolved from the fusion of the Mesoamerican fire rituals and the traditions brought by the
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