Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mobridge-Pollock Middle School

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I go to Mobridge-Pollock Middle School. We have a big lunch room with huge long tables going north to south. The tables have black chairs going on both sides. I will explain the west half of the room. You get your food on the east half then you sit down at your your table. The 8th graders eat with the 6th graders that sit on the east side, we sit on the west side and take up three tables. Usalley the boys and girls sit apart at two diffrent tables. So, when you are sitting down and facing west, the bathrooms and the water fountian are on the left side. On the rigth side their is a hallway leaving the room and the ala carte. Strait ahaid their are the gyms doors on both sides. Directly ahaid their is awards cabinate full of sport
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