Personal Narrative: My Trip To Oklahoma City

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I travelled from Chennai, India to Oklahoma City, USA through Lufthansa Airlines on January 16, 2016 [flight route: – Chennai- Frankfurt – Houston – Oklahoma City]. I had my connecting from Houston to Oklahoma City through United Airlines monitored by Lufthansa Airlines. I had one check-in bag and one carry-on bag. I collected my check-in bag at the Houston airport and checked it in back at Houston (United Airlines desk) at 3.50 pm on January 16, 2016. Since, I missed my connecting flight at 3.55 pm; I had to get into my next flight at 5.50 pm. So technically I checked in my baggage 2 hours before my actual connecting flight. When I reached Oklahoma City Airport at 7.30 pm, my baggage was missing. I reported that my baggage was missing at the
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