Personal Narrative: My Trip To Southern Ontario

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This past weekend I took a quick getaway with my best friend to London, On. I know it doesn't really sound all that special especially if you're from Southern Ontario, but it was rather quite exciting. We went to London to see the queen herself, Selena Gomez, live at her Revival Concert. She is beyond perfection, but we'll get to that later.

Day 1

Her concert was on Victoria Day so we went the day before to hang out and explore the city a bit. However, little did we both know that we had other obligations during the day, so we didn't leave for London till about 6pm. It was a quick drive and before we knew it, we were already at our hotel.

We checked in and relaxed till we decided to out for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Symposium
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The downtown was cute. It was obviously bigger than Windsor's and nicer, but not as hype as people make it sound. I mean people always say Ontario ends at London, and Windsor doesn't even exist but truth be told, I like Windsor a tad more. Windsor is overshadowed but it really is cooler. Anyway, we went to Victoria Park, walked around and found some cool street art and just enjoyed the city. After walking around for about 3 hours, we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready and empty my phone of all the pictures we took.

Once we got back to the hotel, I went to go wipe my makeup off and realized that I had burnt my entire face, including my eyelids! I suffered and lowkey cried in misery which made the "getting ready" part quite hard. The concert started at 7pm and we wanted to be there by 6pm-ish so we could find parking, but we halfway downtown at about 6:43pm which gave me anxity. I hate parking and parallel parking is a skill that I don't have because I never have to use it. We got stuck in traffic and I ended up circling around the theatre going in and out of parking lots till finally I found a parking garage that wasn't
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The concert was amazing. Her outfits, the stage, her voice, just everything. Even when she just talked to the crowd it was like an angel speaking. I know it sounds overdramatic but I fangirl everytime I think about her. She's just so beautiful. The concert was packed with her hits from her album Revival, but she also sang some of her old songs like "Slow Down" and "Love You Like a Love Song". She also sang a new single that is yet to be released "Feel Me" which is totally going to be another hit. Overall the concert was amazing and I'm so glad I decided to go. I've loved her for so long and to see her live was
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