Essay on Personal Narrative: My Trip to Moscow

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I was 11 years old when I visited Russia for the third time. It was during the summer when I visited Russia for the first two times but this time it was totally different for me since my visit was in winter. The weather was so cold that I remember not being able to sleep because of it my first night there. I remember pretending that I was smoking because I was able to see my breath as a big white smoke. Snow was covering everything around me and I remember that some of the cars were totally covered with it. Some of the buildings were covered with snow up to the first level windows and I remember being surprised of seeing that because it was the first time I have ever seen something like that. I was wearing some heavy warm clothes and a …show more content…
My uncle told me to try to jump in the pool and see how it feels. I agreed since I was expecting that it’s going to be fun and a memorable experience. The moment I jumped in the pool I felt like a big piece of ice and I thought that I was going to froze. I remember that my lips, face and my whole body turned blue. It took me about an hour to get warm after I got out of the water and I said to my mother and uncle that I would never try to do it again in my life. On our way to home I remember being mesmerized by huge, old, gorgeous buildings and for me it looked like a dream because they were so beautiful and a lot of different colors. I was very much impressed by Russian architecture that is very unique, reflects a lot of culture, and defiantly worth seeing. I have learned a lot from this trip about the culture of Russia, its language, and traditions. I learned that memories can help us to write about our past and that is a beautiful thing. I would like to know more about Russian history and the way Russians live their lives. I wish I could visit this beautiful country again and learn more about its people and its culture because I think learning about other cultures can be very interesting and beautiful as well as educating and enlightening. I strongly believe that by getting to know those different from us and understanding more about them, we only better ourselves and making this world an easier
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