Personal Narrative: My View Of Families In Canada

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I have had a diverse range of experiences that have contributed to my understanding of my own role in society, as well as the roles of those around me. I am a caucasian female growing up in a middle class working family of five; including my mother, father, step-father, and an older sister. My parents separated when I was twelve; re-shaping my view of families in Canada. What I had accepted as a ‘normal’ family had been drastically changed. Through the past five years, I have realised that every family looks different and there is value in this diversity. I believe that families are one of the most important institutions in society. They play a large role in developing the identities of children, as it is from family that many people learn moral values and variety…show more content…
There was one student in particular who was having difficulty. As time went on, it was clear that the student had lost confidence and was becoming withdrawn. In my private classes with this student, we spent hours practising difficult steps, Repeating them again and again until they felt comfortable. Watching this student regain their confidence and blossom was an excellent experience. Later, I began volunteering in therapeutic riding lessons for children with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities. In these lessons, I am inspired by the way the clients are able to relate to the horse and how they work as a team to meet their individual goals. Throughout high school, I have focused on the social sciences. In Grade 11, I took a course that focused heavily on institutions in society and the ways in which they shape both individuals and groups in society. This year, I participated in the Integrated Dual Credit Program at St. Lawrence College for Therapeutic Activity Planning. This course gave me insight into the importance of play in childhood development and the ways trauma affects
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