Personal Narrative : My Virtual Child

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My Virtual Child

I gave birth to a baby girl named Stella (Manis, 2008). My boyfriend picked her name when I started the simulation, and I thought it was a good choice. Stella had a normal birth, which took about 10 hours. I gave birth naturally with my partner by my side. Stella and I bonded hormonally after about a week, though I chose not to breastfeed her. During her first weeks, Stella mostly slept. When she was awake, I took time to sing to her and rock her, as well as talking and playing her music. She had some trouble with feeding at the start, but after a while she began to enjoy mealtimes. Because my partner worked during the week, we would use disposable diapers during that time and cloth diapers on weekends. The parenting
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Around 18 months, it’s clear that Stella had started to become self aware, by talking to herself when looking in the mirror and smiling. I try to let her become more independent while still staying in control because she still needs guidance at this age. By the time Stella begins preschool, she is potty trained with a few accidents here or there, and seems to be advancing well socially, physically, and mentally. She had a bit of trouble when she started, becoming scared that I would not come back to get her, but after I reassured her, she seemed to calm down as soon as I left, demonstrating a bit of object permanence, that just because I am not there does not mean I have disappeared forever. She is a bit shy to start, but warmed up making it evident that she is a slow-to-warm up child according to Thomas and Chess (Thomas and Chess, 1977.) She is not a very active child, preferring to play by herself with her toys. When she gets stuck on something, I try and scaffold to support her, rather that doing it for her (H Snyder, lecture notes, September 20th, 2017.) By age two, Stella continues to explore the world around her, and my partner has been spending more quality time with her when possible. We are saving up to buy a home, so in order to save money we try and do inexpensive adventures with her (Manis, 2008.) Stella’s emotions have expanded, and by age 3 she is able to express these emotions with ease. When Stella is 3, I give
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