Personal Narrative : My Virtual Parenting Experience

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My Virtual Parenting Experience

Life is always a surprise and things usually happen unexpectedly. Life is a mystery and it’s funny how when we are in our childhood years we want to be teenagers and when we are teenagers we can’t wait for that day that we turn 18 and actually become an “adult” and then a couple of years we go crazy waiting for our big 21.
As a young child or a teenager we imagine our adult life to be like in the movies, where it is easy to find a job, money comes and go and everything works out perfect for the main character. During those years we are just being naïve and its funny and it hurts when we actually get pass 21 and we realize that life is nothing like in the movies and most of our life plans are still just plans and we haven’t accomplish them at the time we wanted.
When we are “adult” meaning over 21 and we start thinking about the future and what we want in our life one of the first things that comes into mind is that if we want a family with that special someone that might be with us or if we are alone we always think if we’ll ever find that special someone. During the fall semester of 2015 in college I decided to take a parent-infant relationship course, and my main reason was my daughter Darianna. I felt like by taking this class I would learn to be a better mother because I will actually learn more of how a child thinking is different from adults.
During the first day of class the professor informed the class that we were going to be
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