Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Touro Synagogue

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On March 11th, I went to the Touro Synagogue for my religious visit, which is located at 4238 St. Charles Avenue. The Touro Synagogue is a part of the Judaism religious affiliation. The Judaism religious group practice their religion on the Sabbath day, which meant that they service I attended was on Saturday at 10:30. The Touro synagogue is a more reform synagogue. When first arriving at the Synagogue I was nervous and scared about not being received by everyone. Also, I think I acted off these feeling because I thought I would feel out of place because of my race; however, while I was standing outside I evaluate that I was just using race as an excuse not to try to try something new. After I was able to confront my fears, I turned around and became even more nervous when I realized that it was a…show more content…
After a few minutes, I entered the Synagogue because I was like this will be interesting and this is my first day at and synagogue. Besides, I get to experience a Bat Mitzvah. I was received with smiles, and some other Xavier students were there with Sister Mary Stachow, whom which I had the pleasure of seating by during the service. The Synagogue is located around a historic area on St. Charles Street. The synagogue is located across from homes and a street car. When you look at the temple you can tell that the architecture might have been influencing from the time it was built in. The temple is big and beautiful. From the outside of the temple, you can see the dome that has these diamond designs on the top. Also, in the front of the building on each corner of the buildings, they have the Star of David symbols. When walking up the stairs to the temple, you see these three brown oak doors and two
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