Personal Narrative: My Work With The Freehold Public Library

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My work with the Freehold Public Library has been a huge part of my life, as I have volunteered there since I was 12 years old. I have grown up with the library, and my experiences with the library, whether it as a volunteer or a customer, are very important to me. I started volunteering for summer programs at the library. I then joined the Teen Library Committee and did service projects for the community as a part of it throughout the year. I also encouraged my brother and a friend to join the Teen Library Committee with me. As a part of this group, I have been able to do service projects for a wide variety of causes, such as making food for a local soup kitchen, making dog treats to donate, and making cards for those stationed overseas or in the hospital. In 8th grade, as a part of National Junior Honor Society, I wrote a grant for the library to expand their young adult collection. I spent months talking to Mrs. Kathy about the public library system and the issues that this library faces…show more content…
If I am selected as member of National Honor Society, I would use it as opportunity to contribute more to my community and take on more leadership roles. A service project I would like to do would be to fundraise for the Freehold Public Library, because it is a small, local library and, unfortunately, lacks funding. Many Freehold residents use this library, and a larger collection of books or new supplies would be very beneficial for the library and for the community. As a part of National Honor Society, I would also like to take part in tutoring; I have always helped my friends with their work when they needed it, and I would like to expand to helping people outside my friend group. I think I have a strong work ethic and am reliable, and I am always willing to help out in any way I can, which would make me a valuable member of this
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