Personal Narrative: My Working Harder

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I've always been told that there is someone else working harder than me, that no matter how hard that I could be working there is someone else out there working twice as hard. I used this saying in sports. I grew up in a family that always has to be the best and always have to win. Losing was not acceptable in our house. My big brother was an amazing athlete and a very good scholar. So the expectations that I had were very big to live up to. I lived up to the athlete one pretty well. Some say that I passed him as an athlete. When it comes to being a scholar he has me beat by a lot. My brother had a 4.0 and I average a “B” in all my classes beside physical education. I think school is very boring and the only reason why I like to go is…show more content…
I mean my work may not have got the best grade or it wasn't all complete but I got it done. McGee has a no fail policy which he allows you to do very little work for a passing grade. A passing grade is only a 60, so it is not very good when it comes to your grade but it is better than a zero. I would always do the no fail policy because I am lazy and I cared about other things. I have been like this my whole life when it comes to school. I always care about other things like sports and video game or hanging out with friends. When I got into high school I did as little homework as I could do. All my work that I needed to get done will all be done in school, so I could do the things that were fun at night. When I get into college I hope that I can change my ways because I really need to get rid of this habit. I mean it doesn't mean that I won't have fun but it means that I won't have a lot of time doing the things I truly like. When it comes to my friends they are split half and half of doing their work or doing the no fail policy. Half of my friends will do all the work, so they could get the best grade as possible. Those are the friends that had a 4.0 their whole high school career and couldn't risk getting a no fail grade. Then the no fail friends were just like me, they cared about other things, so when it came to work they just tried to get as much done to get a passing grade. We all needed a passing grade because we all play sports and we couldn't fail because if we were failing we couldn't play. At the beginning of the year I was doing really well of getting my work done. I would always get my work done and it would be all done. Then when it came to the exams I would fail those and I would end up get a 60 for a score in the book. While getting my work done and failing on my test my grade would average up to a B. It's not a bad grade but at not the A I wanted. That's when basketball hit and I
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