Personal Narrative: My World Collapse

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At the time I entered the room, my world collapsed. My mother was lying on the bed and crying after the surgery. I was only 10 years old but I knew what cancer means. So overwhelmed by my fear and unrest, I lost hope for my life: how can a ten-year-old boy live without his mom?
I took her hands and wiped her tears. I was overwhelmed by fear and unrest because I didn’t know what tomorrow will be like without my mother. My father was working in another city so my mother was the only one whom I could rely on.
What if I have asthma again? What if I meet problems in my school work? Do I have to face them on my own? It was like a turning point in my life. I was no longer childish and I knew I had to grow up after that day.
Fortunately, my mother
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I was born with asthma and curing it had never occurred to me. Running and playing sports were impossible for me. But my mother’s illness changed my idea. There is no task that you can’t accomplish if you try hard. And the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” The hormone drugs made me gain weight but I could feel that my breathing was getting smooth. If my mother could recover from cancer, I too, could get rid of asthma and learned to be tough and strong. I started from jogging and tried to play basketball. Sometimes I still felt short of breath and sputum would make me suffer but I didn’t give up. I knew you have to pain something while something is gained. At the end of the course of the treatment, the doctor asked me to run on a treadmill for 15 minutes with a clip on my nose to test whether I had been cured and I made it. Now I am totally addicted to sports and I view sports an essential part of my life. You can hardly cherish something before you are going to lose it. We were tortured both physically and mentally when facing the illness but I am glad that I have learned an important and special lesson from the unexpected
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