Personal Narrative: My Writing As An Art Form

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My mind can never be quieted. I am constantly thinking of moments or ideas or fantasies. What is all this dreaming worth if I cannot share it with the world? That is why I have gone on a quest to find an outlet for my thoughts. It has not been a process that has been traversed with ease, but through this journey, I have found many pastimes that have helped form my thoughts and beliefs. My expressiveness allows me to convey emotion while telling a story. This ability has made writing an important outlet for my feelings. I stay away from constructed pieces, and instead use writing as more of an art form. With flowing verses instead of rigid paragraphs, I manage to use my pen as an outlet of my thoughts. My writing shows my passion for the topics I choose to my readers and often looks at a different side of seemingly matter-of-fact circumstances. Growing up I never considered myself as artistic. This was a struggle for me considering my brain was full of whimsical scenes, but the only outlet I saw did not suit me. A couple months ago, my friend urged me to paint with her. Despite my hesitancy, I am so glad I tried. Although I'm not a skilled artist, spilling my ideas out on a canvas has been a great stress reliever and has helped me express my inner thoughts that …show more content…

I have always had a musical talent, and I was over-joyed when my parents decided to sign me up for piano lessons. When I was younger, I just liked playing the songs my teacher assigned me. When I was older, however, I began to see music in a different light. Playing other musicians' songs has given me a glimpse of how other people view the world. When a musician composes a song, a piece of his heart goes into it. When I play their songs, I see a hint of what is in their soul. This has had me reflect on how I view the world. When I play the songs for an audience, they are able to feel a little of what the artist and I are

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