Personal Narrative: My Writing Story

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My Writing Story
Growing up my main focus was surviving it wasn’t until about the 3rd grade until I really learned how to read. When I was young I switched schools, went through foster care, and was homeless on a few occasions. After months and months of going from Grandpas to Moms to Grandmas. Getting lost in Foster care and getting taken away from my Mom finally something steady happened. 3rd grade came around and my Aunt and Uncle received custody of my younger brother and I. Finally I could build a focus towards school my two all time favorite books as a child were The Giving Tree and my Spiderman comic book. The Giving Tree became one of my favorites only because it was one of the only books I had. My God parents two granddaughters and
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My speech's were my favorite I could Grab all the attention in the room just by a glance. Even with speech's that were embarrassing like my most embarrassing moment or how to. I started acing books, quizzes, speeches and vocabulary tests but not papers. This was frustrating because no matter how many people edited my papers my teacher would still find fifteen plus mistakes. My papers were straight Fs across the board. It wasn’t until my first year of college were I could actually take pride in my writing .
I didn’t really grab ahold of an appreciation for writing until I started writing about things I cared about. My first narrative my freshman year of college was about my Grandpa and all the things I went through before he died. In that paper I found my voice and my creativity after I found those two things I started to enjoy all my papers and actually developed a passion for telling story's. I went from being a terrible writer in high school to having As on all my papers in college. This was slightly confusing; but made me enjoy writing more because, I began to be good at writing. Even now I continuously
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