Personal Narrative: My Years Of Death

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It was called the “Years of Death” by my family. With this recent war and the constant need to draft, the food and clothing were scarce. My family figured out a way to survive. We survived off the land. Being in Siberia, though, made things, like food, scarce. “Vladimir!” my mother screamed from downstairs, “Dinners ready!” I was overjoyed. I ran downstairs at a fast pace. I could smell the rabbit my father had killed this morning. It had been a while since my last warm meal. “Where is your sister?” I shrugged and went to her room. “Sasha, dinners ready.” she did not move. I walked up to her and tapped her. She fell over, lifeless. Instantly a wave of depression went over me. We were all hungry, but none of us knew she was that hungry. I began
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