Personal Narrative: My Years Of Middle School

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This narrative is about my years of middle school. I look back on my kindergarten days and wonder why I didn't care if I had many friends, why I didn't care what everyone thought of me. in my first school years of elementary school, I remember instead of playing on the grass the teachers only let us children under 3rd-grade play on the concrete blacktop whereas everyone else gets to play on the grass field. if I get hit in the stomach nowadays and land on this asphalt paved concrete I try to play it off like nothing ever happened, when inside I’m screaming. I try my hardest not to let out even the faintest of grunts because of what other people will think, while my mind is fighting against me to just let it out, of course this is unlike me when I was younger, because at that age either I was too busy focusing on anything and I would just bounce back up or because I didn't care what people thought of me and I let everything out without hesitation.
My first year of middle school I was so caught up in having the most friends and what people thought of me that I started to change how I acted around my friends, more specifically the friends that actually didn't care how I acted. You could say that this
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At the start of middle school, grades weren’t really a problem they were more of a speed bump to my fun plans. My bad grades really started after my brother got here from Brazil. Of course, it's not blaming him I'm just saying that with him here I had someone to talk to and someone that I could finally act like myself around, of course, this also came with distractions. There was a period in time where my grades were really at a low except for gym which is kind of impossible to get a bad grade on. When I say “bad grades” someone would immediately think “oh, maybe just a couple of C’s here and there”, but no I had nothing over a
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