Personal Narrative: Mykie Nanako

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Mykie Nanako, a swimming goddess, daughter to an Olympic swimmer and Dancer, Over 20 beat records. Over 30 wins, No looses.
All down the drain as she stands in the quiet, dark indoor pool, staring down at her reflection. Tears dropping into the water making little ripples, warping the reflection.
But the warped reflection feels right. Confusing and Un-Identifiable. Something she has been struggling with her whole life.

She slides her backpack off and sits it gently beside her leg, kneeling down next to it. She pulls a cinder block and rope out.
Fastening the rope around her feet, the other end around the cinder block. She takes her last big breath and drops into the pool.
Mykie thinks to herself that she's finally able to leave this world surrounded by water, without having to train
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Walking up to the fence, my eyes fixate on the glistening blue liquid, trapped in a rectangular hole. Some of the blossoms have fallen into the pool, making it look like a work of art. I know I shouldn't go near the pool but that photo would be so good.
Sucking in a few deep breaths, I flip the gate open and stalk up the steps, keeping my balance.
Going into the corner and kneeling down, making sure my skirt is down. I go to take a photo as my eye is against the lens, but as I press the button to capture the tree and water A tall, broad shouldered, very toned blue haired beauty stands at the edge of the pool, fixing his red goggles, I'm guessing adjusting them to fit perfectly.

The clicking sound isn't heard by him as he jumps into the water with such form, my god I haven't seen a dive that good since Haru. My god, that's one name I haven't said in a while. I watch him a little longer, watching him perform butterfly. Sneakily I take another photo, one where he looks as if he's gliding with ease, just before rising out of the water
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