Personal Narrative: Myself As A Writer In My Writing

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Throughout this semester, I have seen myself grow as a writer in my discipline and about my discipline. This semester has been a great learning experience for me and Ms. Calow has taught me many techniques that I can use throughout my college career. At first it was difficult understanding how to write in and about my discipline. After while, I was able to effectively write and organize my papers the way professionals in my discipline do. During the course of the semester my grades have gradually improved, and I believe that is because of the peer reviews from my peers and the feedback that was given by my instructor. For my revisions, I chose to revise my Category 1: Project 1, and my Category 2: Project 3. These are the papers and projects where I recognized that too much was wrong within the writing. I also chose these projects because they are the projects I made the lowest grades on. Though the project grades…show more content…
Through the semester, there have been many times where I didn’t know what I was going to write or how I was going to write it but with the help of my peers and Ms. Calow I was able to complete my projects. At the beginning, I did not like writing about my discipline at all because I felt as if it was too confusing for me to write about. As the semester went along it became easier and easier to write about my discipline. I was happy when I was able to write in my discipline because I felt like I could express my thoughts and opinions as well as factual information that I researched. I liked writing in my discipline way more than writing about my discipline, because I felt like I had more of a connection with the audience that I was writing to. After this semester, I have seen my interest in writing rise from not liking writing at all, to actually enjoying writing. Hopefully I can continue to improve after this semester and become an even better writer in and about my
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