Personal Narrative: Nachos

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I went to lunch with Vincent and we shared a big plate of nachos as we sat next to Sasha and Rita and joked about everything. Vincent smiled at me like I was the greatest thing since butter milk. For those of you who don't know that saying it means the person is crazy for you. I looked at him and smiled as I thought to myself why couldn't I just be in love with him. But this wasn't a novel this was real life and in real life we do not get what we want. We just don't Life comes with trials and tribulations and a pare of big blue eyes sitting next to me with a bowel of chicken noddle soup. I must have gotten a what the fuck are you doing here look on my face because he smiled and said “There's nowhere else to sit.” He told me and turned and…show more content…
Walters could have a bit of bonding time. But he just stayed and Mr Walters looked over at him. As he ate his soup. I ate my nachos I just happened to be sharing with Vincent and we talking about the weather. “So, rainy today I was hoping to get in some football practice.” He complained shoving a nacho in his mouth. Then I looked over to my left and watched Mr Walters eat his soup and he pulled the spoon out of his mouth slowly and I just thought of him eating my... my eyes grew wide at my thoughts because I usually do not think of guys licking my. So, I sympathized with Vincent. “I am sorry about that you can always hang out with me .” I told him and he seemed to get happy about that because he face lit up.

I wondered if my thought showed on my face because of what I was thinking about just a second ago. Just the thought made things in my body tighten. I looked at him in all his golden goodness in the corner of my eye and he was just normal so I guess my thoughts did not show on my face. Considering the dreams about this guy I have I tried not to blush in his
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Playing it safe is a good thing. My life reads like one of those romance novels. Why can it not be action and adventure? That would be most fun. I mean after all I was at a school that was for supernatural young adults to use their powers and so far I could not forgot the eye color of my instructor. Who jut happened to be a dog in my dream.. Why would he be a dog in my dream.?

I turned off the shower and wrapped a big blue towel around myself to dry off. My hair looked dark and stringy in the big mirror over the sink. My hair was back from washing it because I did not brush it yet. I wiped the fogged mirror with my hand. I stared into my own blue eyes, which in my head I think are my best asset. I was never pretty to guys, I was always too short, too curvy, and when tan skin was a thing I had pale skin. I would never forget how it felt to lose my first love to my ex best friend. But that is okay because I was at this college and I made new friends and I even found a boyfriend.

I made it down thirty minutes later for some breakfast. Where Vincent was waiting for me with a big smile on his face. It made me both happy and sad, He had even saved me a seat after I got out of the lunch line for my eggs and
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