Personal Narrative: Nassau Coliseum

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April 27th, game two of the Islanders-Capitals playoff series, was the last game I will ever watch in Nassau Coliseum. The series was very close and this game would decide whether or not the Islanders could keep the lead. I longed to see this game for months, until one day, my dad surprised me with tickets. By chance, several of my friends were also lucky enough to score tickets to a once in a lifetime game. On the day of the game, we loaded the car up with people and were off. As the cars began to congest the highway and enter the Coliseum parking lot, the faint squealing and whining of brakes could be heard. Even from the security booth where parking was purchased, the air was saturated with the sounds of tailgaters and music coming from the stadium itself. As we exited the car, the sweet aroma of pretzels and the stench of sour beer emanated from around us. The previously faint hum of the stadium grew as we neared, into a deafening roar of screaming, chanting and music. This was no surprise, as the…show more content…
The puck was back and forth, receiving a collective OOOH, from the crowd if it was shot at the goal. But the final period is where the game got interesting. Still tied at zero, a Capital player received a penalty for tripping, giving the Islanders a one man lead, or otherwise known as a Power Play. This reawakened the crowd, which began buzzing with excitement. Half way through this Power Play, a shot on the Capital goal tipped off the shoulder pad of the Goalie, ricocheting the puck straight into the net. As soon the tiny red light above the goal began its routine spin, the stands exploded with sound. Fans sung along together and toasted what was left of their drinks, while children squealed with delight, knowing something important happened, but not exactly what. And with that goal, the Islanders began playing at a level unrivaled by the other team, who felt panic and fear, as this could lead to their
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