Personal Narrative: Native Americans

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In rural North America, in present day Billing, Montana, over 600 years ago, there once live a tribe that was fierce as a bear and yet stayed together like a pack of wolves and trickery as a fox. Altogether, it builds an ultimate warrior of pure ferociousness and blunt force. Other tribes tended to more soft than the tribe I was in . While most tribes were farmers and gathers, our tribe was mainly hunters, we raided other tribes of their goods. Until one winter morning that day was gonna change my worldview and how I saw things. My worldview before was the world is yours do what you wish, believe what you want, do what you want, and just live how you want. Anyway, I woke up earlier than most people and decided to go for a long walk until sunrise. I was about a mile away from my camp when I happen to see a smoke off in the distance. So I wanted to check it out so I pursued on until I was close enough to see a glimpse of the camp. When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be a whole tribe, instead it was just a one teepee alongside a clean running stream of water. It was a very beautiful and secluded campground with blooming trees in winter. He also had a beautiful horse that was brown and painted with a brilliant color of blue tied up outside, it was very…show more content…
I couldn’t attack and steal a horse from an elderly, it would bring great shame to me and my tribe if word got out about it. So I decided to put my weapon away so that he didn’t see me as hostile and then slowly got closer to the teepee. I yelled and told him “I come with peace and don’t want trouble, I just want to talk.” No reply back so I decided to proceed on into the teepee. As I entered I saw a buffalo pelt laying across the floor and beautiful painting on the insides of the teepee, and that’s when I saw him sitting there praying. He was very nice and welcoming elderly, he offered me soup he had made the previous
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