Personal Narrative: Near The Peace River In Canada

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I followed Cliff and his siblings to the safe zone. We arrived around nightfall. They checked our eyes to make sure we didn't have symptoms of Mentis Rabidus, then they gave us canned soup and bedrolls. After we ate, they told us the plan. We will follow a river and using the mountains as protection. The end point is about 1,500 miles away. It is near the Peace River in Canada. They told us it will be a lot of walking and everyone will need to help with chores. I'm not too happy about that. I would rather just look out for myself. But Canada is a lot safer than L.A., and to get there I need to help out.
I just had an interesting conversation with Nee a few minutes ago. It went something like this:
Me: “Nee is a funny name.”
Her: “I choose
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