Personal Narrative: Nebraska

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Looking back out of the small window, I catch a final glimpse of corn fields and lonely railroad crossings before they dip below the horizon. For my first time on a plane, the excitement of adventure meets me as I depart from the comfort of home and enter a world unknown outside of Nebraska. Seeing the world in God’s view as the landscape evolves below, I fall in love with flying. Looking down from 30,000 feet and seeing earth on such a vast scale, I realize how much there is to discover.
In my world, there is a dichotomy between the comfort of my hometown and the excitement of the unknown. Flat and uninterrupted, the Nebraskan landscape is as uniform as the political and religious attitudes of those who occupy it. I know that when I step
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The diversity of thought among people from all corners of Earth breeds an air of excitement and curiosity. Flying ignites a passion to explore new places and meet new people. I love Lincoln, Nebraska, but I love the exhilaration of new experiences that come with traveling.The unique food, culture, and architecture at every unique location taunt me, calling for me to abandon my home in search of fulfillment elsewhere. Exposure to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Los Angeles is a breath of fresh air from the monotony of Nebraskan life. Touching down in New York City at the end of a long flight is only the start of a new journey into a melting pot laced with opportunity for those who seek it. The idea of building my own path in a hub of diversity and opportunity is beyond appealing. Traveling to new places with varying demographics and cultures spoils the explorer within me who craves interaction outside of the incubator I call…show more content…
manifests through an intense curiosity to explore. In striving to replicate the journey of traveling, I have made routine and repetition my enemy in a land of conformity. It is the reason that I rarely eat the same meal twice in a row, and I change my workout every time I go to the gym. My battle against uniformity continues into my musical studies, where I find endless discovery in the layered melodies of a new composer each week. On my bookshelf, the dystopian visions of Orwell juxtapose are juxtaposed next to the inspiring fantasies of Tolkien. I position myself to hear all sides of a story by rotating between different news sources. Every day is a new journey, with each landing bringing more to discover and learn.
The opportunity to rebuild and reshape my niche in the world is what I love the most about flying. Seeing the Earth from my vantagepoint in the sky, imagination has no
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