Personal Narrative: Nerve Action Potential

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Nerve Action Potential

I always dreamed of becoming a writer but that is not what life had in store for me. I wrote several stories but they were never good enough to be published. I do not care if I become a famous writer, but I am going to keep on writing until one day I receive a notification that my work is going to be published. I always have a pen and paper to write down ideas that pop into my head while I am working. As a bridge operator, you have a lot of downtime when no ships are requesting passage. Once I receive a signal from the ship captain, I turn my full attention to the steps required to safely open and close the bridge to prevent any accidents from happening. It is not as glamorous as a writer, but I am responsible
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At this point, I initiate the steps to open the drawbridge. Since traffic moves in two different directions on the divided highway, I must activate two traffic signals on each side on the bridge to advise motorist that I will be closing the highway. Vehicles move at faster speeds than ships. The motorist must be given time to stop their vehicles. The traffic signals on each end of the bridge will turn red and motorist will no longer be able to drive on the lanes to cross the bridge. I lowered the two gates on each end and locked them in place to prevent motorists from entering the movable part of the bridge. Once the gates were in place, I left my booth to make sure that the movable part of the bridge was cleared of all vehicles. I returned to my booth and used the two levers on the control panel to raise each part of the bridge separately. There is a minimum amount of delay as the signal is transferred to the bridge. The bridge was now raised and the cruise ship moved through the gate that was created by raising the bridge, at a slow rate until it cleared the bridge structure. As the ship was passing under the bridge, it seemed that the ship increased in height. A few other smaller ships passed at the same time and the concentration of ships shifted to the other side of the drawbridge that they just passed to. As you might expect, if ships are allowed to pass by the opening of a drawbridge, then the concentration of ships will shift to the side of the drawbridge that a ship had passed to. Once I observed that the ship has safely passed, I reversed the steps to lower the bridge. This time the gate for ships to passed through are sealed first by lowering the bridge back into placed. Each end of the bridge are locked back into place, to allow a smooth surface for motorists to drive on. After the bridge is returned to its normal position, the two gates on each end of the highway are then raised, to
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