Personal Narrative: Newton's Third Law Of Motion

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“You can not hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” People. It’s a really simple word if you think about it, a simple way to say the words human race or population. But, what’s not simple is what people say and do. What people think they can get away with. Not expecting any consequences, not being forced to face the reaction to their actions. Newton’s third law of motion does not effect them at all! They don’t get an equal and opposite reaction! “Opal!” I faintly heard over my music, I took one earbud out and looked around. I ended up blowing it off, thinking I was just hearing things. I placed my earbud back in it’s spot. “Opal.” I heard again, a bit louder this time. Someone had to be calling my name or I was going crazy, which I don’t doubt for a second. “Opal.” I heard…show more content…
I tried to get out of Josh’s grasp, but he wouldn’t let me go. “Josh I’m not kidding! Let me go! I need to get ready, I only have thirty minutes left to get ready!” He tightened his grasp around my waist, and tried to pull down my towel. “Josh, let go of me right now!” I screamed, hoping it would be loud enough for my neighbor to hear. “No! The fun is only just beginning, turn around! Now!” Josh barked at me. I was determined to not be one of those girls, who just gives in. I was gonna fight, even if that meant I had to hurt the man I loved, and who I thought loved me. One thing I learned growing up military, was that men love their balls. You can take down a full grown, 200 somewhat pounded man with one swift kick to the balls. And another thing I learned growing up a ballerina, that if you do anything. You have to complete everything with a touch of finesse, everything has to be pretty, and well efficient. I started to create a game plan, and a pretty damn well good one too, if I say so myself. So, here it goes, let’s hope I end up alive and not badly
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