Personal Narrative: Nine-Year-Old High School

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Life can take plenty of weird twists and turns. I have an abundance of experience in encountering and adapting to change. Imagine being nine years old in an unexpected family meeting. My parents announce the news that we were moving across the country from Washington state to Georgia. I immediately was sent into turmoil and became scared. I had never been to Georgia before; therefore, I did not know what to expect. After we moved, I started fifth grade and realized it wasn’t that different from living in suburbs of Washington. Throughout my years there, I played club soccer and met amazing friends. I learned how to act polite and mannerly when expected, as well as generous and friendly when need be. My life was filled with happiness. There…show more content…
My whole life I had lived in the suburbs but this was urban living now. My first day of school I would characterize as a culture shock. It is impossible to put into words how different the dynamics are in the city versus in a suburb. In school, students acted surprisingly mature and focused on learning. This was unusual compared to my old high school. The friends I made were incredibly fascinating and unique. People created themselves into astounding figures to make sure you remember them. Everyone I met gave a distinctive aesthetic of their presence. I was inspired and realized that you do not have to wait until you are grown up to design and express yourself. I was constantly being introduced to new people and experiencing spectacular new places downtown and in nature. I noticed my social skills improved tremendously because conversation felt comfortable with the people of Seattle. However, Seattle was a brief adventure. After only a year there, my family decided to look for a new journey by moving to Chandler, Arizona. Yet, I individually am searching for a place where I can flourish and thrive, and I believe I found it when I visited the University of Colorado Boulder campus in
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