Personal Narrative: Nohe Germany

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I am a daughter of a of a mother named Mechtild of Merthein, and father, he was a knight named Hildebert of Bermersheina. I also had a brother named Hugo of Tholey. I was born on September 16, 1098 at Nohe Germany. I had a husband named Jermy McInerny . As a child, I was often too weak to walk and sometimes could not see. As an adult, I could be in bed paralyzed for days. At the age of 43, I said God told me to write down what I heard and saw , and for the first time revealed her visions to the world.I am remebered because I found 2 monasteries or buildings, went on 4 preaching tours. One of my famous quote is “I am the feather on the breath of God.
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