Personal Narrative-Nothingness !

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Nothingness! The past ten minutes had been the most harrowing minutes of my life. The way to the gravesite filled be with heart-bursting eternity of pounding terror. All the stories and legends I had heard years ago about Guardians not being able to feel emotion was all nonsense now. Because we could. We very well could. I think those stories and legends were all about instilling an impassive nature in us so we don’t get attached to those we work with, because, well, we’d lose sight of what must be done to save our city and the Traveler. Falling in love or having an attachment can be detrimental. This was different. Because as I stood, a cool chill of pensive emotion coursed through me, making me feel something that is inexplicable. I had crawled my way through the exhumed crevasse I had …show more content…

Like it was an enigma or something foreign to me. Everything around me was silent. I couldn’t hear the sounds of the terrible Hive that cry as they witness their deaths, or the remaining Taken spawning and unleashing its darkness. The only thing I heard were the voices in my head telling me that everything would be alright, that it wasn’t my fault, despite my consciousness knowing it was the awe striking-truth of my flaws. I could feel the dirt beneath my feet as I stepped up to the threshold. You’re probably curious as to why I put a Guardian’s grave here, in the Dreadnaught, arguably one of the darkest places around. Well, the answer is simple: He didn’t want to come back home. He wanted to stay where he died. I couldn’t deny my brother’s dying wish now, could I? The others didn’t entirely agree with his sentiment, but refuted anything they did to discourage me from appeasing my brother’s request. I stowed my weapon and sat down on the Light filled ground, and crossed my legs. Brushed my hands across the tombstone, felt the etched carvings. Here like Orion A brave

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