Personal Narrative: Nurturing The Growing Senses Of Young Children

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When decorating my friend's nursery, I would want to focus on nurturing the growing senses of the newborn. Although a newborn’s vision is not at full capacity, their visual acuity starts improving soon after. By 2-3 months, infants are able to recognize patterns and faces; and are able to discriminate colors by around 4 months. This would inspire me to paint an accent wall with a pattern of the mother's preference, in bold colors that shade to a lighter color. I would add faces of animals and add pictures of the parents, possibly other siblings as accents in picture frames. A mobile is a must, as infants enjoy watching movement. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, a mother’s voice is the first voice discrimination a newborn has and at birth, hearing is better than eyesight. I would add a cd player or wireless speakers for the parents to play the music of their choice. As with all the other senses, touch is very important to the growing child. I would have soft, child-friendly, toys that baby could explore with sight, touch, and even taste! Again, these toys would have with patterns and bright colors.…show more content…
This is also a predominant sense soon after birth, a newborn is able to distinguish the smell of their mother's breast milk over other mothers and also their mother's scent. This scent has been shown to calm the baby of the mother; I would have the mother sleep with the blanket, or use it while relaxing, so her scent would permeate into the
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