Personal Narrative Of A Dog

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My mom and I then began to search harder than we had before. The next day we found a very adorable dog. On the website they did not have much information about the dog named #199. We found him on Saturday. The shelter was closed on Saturday, and Sunday, so my mom emailed them our application. The only information on the website was that they thought he was a collie/whippet mix, male, playful, and they think that he is about ten months old. On Monday we had not seen or heard a reply yet and my mom and I were becoming very anxious. So on Wednesday my mom called the shelter to ask if they got our application. We kept on our search for our new furry friend and contacted the shelter anxiously awaiting to see what will happen next.
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Then I remember the lady asking us if we had a name for him. We responded that we were deciding between Falcon and Jasper. The meeting went well we paid them and put our new dog in the van with us. I sat in the back so our dog would not feel alone. He stayed attached to my leg the whole time. We then got home and he as so worn out from the day that I sat on the floor with him and he laid down next to me and fell asleep using my leg as a pillow. After asking the whole family we decided on the name Jasper! Days passed and he got much more used to us. His crate was kept in my room and after I was sure he was potty trained, I started letting him on my bed to sleep with me, which at the time no dogs were allowed on beds or couches. However, many days and weeks passed and that is the first time I had truly felt joyful in a while. I am so glad that we could adopt him.
To conclude, he now is attached to me and always sleeps on my bed. He is a champion not only to me but also in dog shows. I started doing dog club in 4-H and we won champion in every class we entered. He is the perfect size just at our knee, but he can be picked up which is the part I love! He listens and we love playing together. My favorite part is when I come home from dance class and I see this perked ear and waging tail waiting at the door to greet me when I come home. I am so glad we adopted him and often wonder why such a sweet dog ended up in a shelter
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