Personal Narrative Of A Pitcher's Game

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I could feel the pitcher’s stress from 200 feet away in the dugout. We were up five at the top of the eighth, but the win was not secure. I could tell the pitcher was struggling to keep his composure. Suddenly, the coach calls me to warm up in the bullpen. I was excited and nervous to enter the game; I knew my warming up would add pressure to the pitcher and this was the Legion Sub-State Semifinal game, which determined our chance to advance to state. By the time I got to the mound, the bases were loaded with two outs. I noticed the packed stadium, felt the sweltering 90 degrees, and sensed the crowd’s tension. I had never pitched against this team, so I relied on communicating with the catcher. I threw a knee high fastball--STRIKE ONE. Next, I threw low and away curveball--STRIKE TWO. The catcher signaled a high fastball, knowing the batter was expecting another curveball. The batter chased the ball--STRIKE THREE. We won the game and moved on to finals. Two hours in the dug out, five minutes in the bullpen, and thirty seconds on the mound--not to mention fifteen hours a week, ten months a year for fifteen years--all culminated in a few seconds to advance…show more content…
A pitcher is either glorified or criticized, depending on the game’s outcome. The more I played, the more I learned to ignore noise, doubt, and the past to focus on the immediate. To pitch well, I live in the moment while simultaneously knowing what is happening behind me. I developed a keen sense of intuition in order to quickly stop a player from stealing second base or bunt. Learning to trust my intuition has assisted me in other areas of my life: by paying attention to the study guide, I get a sense of the upcoming test, assessing how my brother closes the door when he comes home, helps me determine his mood, trusting my first answer choice during tests, has improved my
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