Personal Narrative Of Divorce

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When I was 5 years old my Dad and my Mom got a divorce. It was at my house in Chattanooga, Georgia it was on september 9, 2009 was when they got divorced. Me, my brother and my sister where sad and then a couple months later my mom met a guy at walmart shopping for groceries. Next after my mom got back to our house she got out of her red mustang with a guy and which was my step dad. Later on that day my mom walked to my room and got me and my brother to go into the living room and sit on the couch and she explained what was going on and she told us that she was having a kid and that she was getting married. As months go by my mom got a divorce with my step dad and then she started dating a bunch of men and once every month we were able to go see our two step sisters and their dad's house which was 30 minutes away from our house. Later that day we got to go see our step sisters and on our way there we so three car crashes down the road. One of those car crashes was stepsisters and their dad. I grab my door handle opened the door and got out and went to go make sure my sisters were and I saw with my eyes my sisters opening their doors and…show more content…
I sitting up there in my room and I hear a plate fall and so I walked down the stairs and I saw my grandmother sitting in her chair not talking with her plate in the floor and her food as well. So I called my dad and told him to get home fast and he said wants wrong and I said grandma isn't talking and her plate and her food is in the floor sitting in her chair. So he got home and called the police and then they took her to the hospital and we weren't allowed to go to the hospital with her. So as hours pass by it was 3 in the morning when my dad got a call they said there taking her to a different hospital. As days pass by we got a call from the hospital saying that she past away so we drove 3 hours away to go see her and we got there we walked into the room and we
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